Home for the Holidays

Is everyone ready for the Holidays? Whether you are traveling to someone’s home or having friends and family come to your home, the holidays get be a little hectic. Did I buy all the ingredients for the apple pie, did I make sure to stock all the bathrooms with fresh towels, and what gift am I going to get for the my in-laws?  These are all questions that make us a little frantic as we count down to Christmas.

At the Donna Kerr Group, we want to help in any way that we can, so here are our recommendations for one recipe, one must have decor item, how to prep for house guests and of course, what to get the in-laws. Check out our Home for the Holidays Pinterest board for more great ideas!


DKG Recipe – Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus106ad82f5b0a270ee88884e35bb26d82

We decided to not look at the main course Christmas dishes, but to see what is out there that is yummy and easy, while at the same time is a nice classy appetizer for your hungry dinner guests.  Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus is that something. It is a very easy recipe that requires no utensils and is a light bite before dinner. Check out this recipe and add this to your recipe list.


c084a39ec19a2f7d830d8989dcc60ce1DKG Decorations- Candles

We have a neat fun fact about decorating with candles that you probably do not know. Before your Christmas guests arrive at your home, it is shown that people feel more at home and it creates a warm and inviting environment if you have an already burnt wick on your candles throughout your house. When you put out fresh new candle sticks, they have the long piece of new white wick sticking out of the top. It is subtle, but this is proven to be perceived as less homey and put together than unlit candle sticks that have a slightly singed wick already. So before your guests arrive, burn all of your new candles for just a second and then make a second round later before dinner to light them all and create a beautiful warm glow.


House Guests – Fresh Linens

It is easy to forget to wash and prep all of your linens for your house guests. So here is your reminder! An extra load or 74b7f5e02079bc4db3c2ee9d6dc38da22 of laundry a few days before everyone arrives will go a long way. Make sure the sheets, towels and blankets are all looking and smelling their best. Change the sheets on any guest room beds and spritz with a little lavender linen spray before making the beds. This will be a sweet little surprise when everyone is tired and ready to go to bed. Instead of leaving sets of towels in the closet or even in the bathrooms, stock each bedroom with extra towels and washcloths. That way people will not have to bother you to ask, “Where can I find some towels?” In addition to these 2 very important tips, make sure your powder rooms all have fresh hand towels, the pillows are fluffed and in place and adding some extra throw blankets on churches, chairs and beds is a nice warm touch that will not only look great but will come in handy when everyone is cozying up by the fire after dinner!


Gifts – 3 Thoughtful Gifts

We are taking inspiration from our above ideas and turning them into easy gift ideas! Don’t stress about super special for your guests or hosts. Here are three great ideas that everyone will appreciate because of the timing of the year.

  • A recipe book. Make a personalized recipe book from all of your favorite recopies. This is a great and simple DIY project that is full of memories and keepsakes. You can even have sections of your favorites and leave space for the gift recipient to add in their favorites. This is something that will certainly be held onto and not re-gifted.
  • I’ll go a little further and say, don’t just pick up a glass jar Yankee candle from any old store, but find something truly unique. My favorite candle gifts are beeswax candlesticks, candles that double as a hand moisturizer or already put together centerpieces that include candles. This is a gift that can be made or bought, but no matter which way you choose to do it, unique candles are a delightful gift that add decor and fragrance to any holiday home.
  • Personalized linens. I really neat gift that people don’t really think to ever give are sets of linens that are monogramed. The best is to go for a set of nice hand towels, tea towels or bath towels, but truly anything will be great.

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