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There is a new wave of interior design making its way into and onto the homes of many and it is a win win for everyone, including our planet! Environmentally friendly homes are becoming more and more popular and we are always excited to work with homes that either have or want to install environmentally friendly appliances, furnishing and detailing.f9633fd60fbd78b23fede9a587ad3ebf


You can make you home environmentally friendly in many different ways. It covers all aspects of the home from building materials like roofing and insulation to heating/ cooling and electrical systems. On the inside you can finish your home with cabinets, countertops, floors, lighting, paint and furniture that are all are made with sustainability in mind.  Today, homeowners can build totally “green” and for those looking to renovate the possibilities are endless to turn one’s current home into a clean energy and sustainable “green” home.


If you are concerned when it comes to sustainability overlapping with design, do not worry! The design choices are growing every day in detail, affordability and style. For home sellers, renovating with “going green” in mind is a great way to add value to your home and make it very unique and marketable. Five simple design choices to help your house “go green” are: organic furniture, natural fiber jute rugs, bamboo or cork flooring, energy efficient appliances and no VOC paint.


Looking more specifically ways to make your interiors sustainable, you can turn a bedroom into environmentally friend sanctuary. Start with an organic mattress and mattress pad. Then find organic, natural sheets that have a nature and muted basic pattern and color to go along with the overall feel. Pillows can be made with organic cotton or hemp and you can light your room with CFL’s (Compact Florescent Lightbulbs) in a lamp with a hemp lampshade.



One of our designers Beth Tidwell is environmentally conscious in her home. Her husband Mike Tidwell is the director of the Takoma Park-based Chesapeake Climate Action Network and we asked him what he thinks of environmentally friendly design in homes.

Green design is an essential part of modern living today.  Homes that use green products like bamboo floors, recycled products and low VOC paints are just as beautiful and durable as homes that use conventional products. Plus, and this is the best part, such houses create more market value while achieving a lower carbon footprint. Win, win.

Tidwell’s 100-year-old home in Takoma Park is solar powered with many sustainable features, including cork flooring, high-efficiency appliances, recycled wood and a native plant garden.


b74ce6dcf672c05123348be690f374faReuse, Recycle, Reclaim! Using environmentally friendly design does not always mean buy new products that are made from recycled or sustainable material. It can be as simple as reusing something you already own or someone else has owned and creating something new with it. Painting an old or used piece of wood furniture with a chalk paint (very environmentally friendly) is a very good way to avoid purchasing something new and making use of an already made product, especially since it would otherwise end up in a landfill. Etsy is a favorite website, filled with beautiful art and home décor made from something that started out as something else. Reclaimed wood anything is now very trendy and can be made into something very beautiful such as a coffee table or wall art.


So weather you are ready to sell and make a few updates or are planning on major renovation in your own home, think about how you can make it beautiful and help the environment all at the same time!


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  1. Judith says:

    Going “green” has been blooming and a lot of people are really looking into it. One of those people is me and my friends. I’ve always dreamed of a world where we don’t harm anything but we still get what we want. Having a eco-friendly home is probably one way to start realizing that dream, though I can’t imagine not eating meat, I think that’s the only think for me right now. haha.

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