A Red Color Story


Are you looking to add drama and romance to everyday spaces? February, the month of love, has us inspired by vibrant red tones. This shade is known to evoke thoughts of passion, desire, and strength. Check out these ways to bring this impactful and versatile color into your home!


The color combo of red and blue is a particularly classic pairing that pays homage to traditional Americana.While many opt for a deep navy paired with red, Michelle–one of our talented designers–has a different spin. She suggests swapping in turquoise which adds a funky, fresh twist to a classic palette.

One of our favorites ways to implement red is to use it as a pop of color in a neutral palette. The contrast makes for beautiful focal points and brings dimension to potentially flat spaces. This concept is a particularly foolproof way to decorate with red as many people choose versatile shades of greys or earth tones in their homes. A simple pillow or accent wall transforms these rooms.


The girly glamour of raspberry tones and rich reds are popping up everywhere! These colors translate well in a variety of interior spaces from bedrooms to dining areas. They also lend themselves to the popular monochromatic trend!


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